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Leslie Wu

Writer, editor and explorer of all things culinary
and the people and places behind them.
Contributor at ForbesLife, Food Network Canada and others.
Region III co-director of The Association of Food Journalists, vice president, marketing of Professional Writers Association of Canada - Toronto Chapter.


13 delicious restaurants in Mississauga

Over the last decade, an influx of cultures has given rise to new local activities, things to do and—arguably most importantly—has turned the city into an exciting place to eat.
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A Royal Wedding Inspired Tea Party Menu

Take a cue from the House of Windsor and hail Britannia with this very proper wedding inspired royal tea.
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Debunking Six Myths About Bread Baking

Some secrets found within the 500 lb., five volume Modernist Bread by Nathan Myhrvold.
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Your Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner Checklist

The first time I cooked a traditional Thanksgiving meal from scratch, I can say for a fact that I used every single cooking vessel — pots, pans, roasters and Dutch ovens — in my reasonably well-equipped kitchen. Although I had lists upon lists and every step mapped out well beforehand, it still took three days of intensive cooking and resulted in my exhausted-self, muttering in an exasperated tone, “How the heck do people do this every year?”.
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Chef Wolfgang Puck's Top Six Business Tips For Entrepreneurs

Even 35 years after opening his restaurant Chinois in 1983, chef Wolfgang Puck still remembers making a major gaffe due to stress. “The first day, we did a party and I was so nervous, I forgot to cook rice. People said, “It's a Chinese restaurant and you don't have rice — what's the matter with you?”.
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How To Taste Sake With Five International Sake Samurai

There’s the rarefied sense of a formal wine tasting in this sunny room at Toronto’s Boku restaurant, as I sit amongst sommeliers and other media, notepad in hand. The accoutrements of a traditional wine tasting are arrayed across the table — a variety of glasses, tasting notes, WSET (Wine & Spirit Education) lexicon and spit bucket — but there’s a key difference.
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Chef John Tesar's Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Restaurant Steak

John Tesar is known as a chef of many opinions, and his views on steak are no exception.
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Being Alton Brown: The Star Talks About Creating (And Living Up To) A Television Persona

Alton Brown is taking a breather from a multi-city tour for Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science, his culinary variety stage show, for a phone chat. It’s a gruelling schedule, but Brown is a pro: he’s been part of the food world for almost two decades as a performer — whether as a moustache-twirling host, guitar strumming singer or curious scientist — as well as a cookbook author, podcast creator and anachronistic Twitter participant.
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How to Cook a Perfect Pot of Rice on the Stove

Confession time: Years ago, I received a rice cooker as a gift that I’ve used guiltily only when the gift-giver in question comes for dinner. whether I’m cooking rice to accompany a hurried weekday dinner or as the base for a leisurely simmered-all-day weekend cooking project — I turn to a trusty pot and a stovetop burner.
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Pet Project: New Ways To Pamper Your Furry Friend With Luxury Travel And Wine Tastings

Years ago, as an editor covering the jewelry industry, I would get inundated with pitches for pets: gem-encrusted dog collars, whimsical bone-shaped charms made of precious metals and leashes with more sparkle than looked comfortable for either walker nor walkee. At the time, I scoffed. Clearly, I thought, the industry had lost its collective mind.
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Tips On How To Eat Out Sustainably From Chef Rick Moonen

Chef and sustainability advocate Rick Moonen remembers the very first time he tried to serve white anchovies on his menu at Oceana, the famed New York restaurant he helmed in the late 90s. “The first time I had white anchovies was in Madrid, picked out in oil, draped on a piece of bread and handed to me."
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How to Stay Calm While Killing Time at the Airport

Lessons learned from waiting in 50 airports around the world.
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Leslie Wu

With 17 years of progressively senior editorial positions, I am a journalist experienced in reporting the consumer and business side of lifestyle industries.

I am also a seasoned and meticulous editor who has covered trends and the personalities that define them in fashion, jewellery and food around the world.

Whether talking about terroir with Poland’s first Michelin-starred chef or casting the spotlight on local designers and artisans, I always enjoy meeting the people behind the product and packaging compelling service stories that both educate and entertain a diverse readership in both digital and print platforms.

Areas of expertise: Food, restaurants, wines and spirits, travel, fashion and jewellery.

E-mail: lwueditor[at]gmail[dot]com



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